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Educational information

Gary B. Fogel.  Invited Short Course at Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra, Australia, 2012.

Simon Rogers and Mark Girolami.  A First Course in Machine Learning. CRC Press, 2011.

Limsoon Wong.  "What do human evolution, leukemia treatment, database design (and a few other things) have in common?" Opening talk at SOC Computing Camp for International High School Students, NUS, 8 December 2010.

Tom Heskes.  “Advanced SIKS-Course on Computational Intelligence”, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2011.

Elena Marchiori.  Co-organization of the IPA Research school Spring Days on Bioinformatics, 2011, The Netherlands.

Marchiori Elena.  "Community detection in biological networks”.  IPA Spring Days on Bioinformatics , 2011, The Netherlands.


Limsoon Wong. "Using biological networks for protein function prediction, biomarker identification, and other problems in computational biology". Invited master class at 2012 International Winter School in Methods in Bioinformatics (WSMBio2012), Tarragona, Spain, 20-24 February 2012.

Limsoon Wong. "Analysis of Gene Expression and Proteomic Profiles based on Biological Networks". Tutorial at 10th Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC2012), Melbourne, Australia, 17-19 January 2012.

Mark Girolami. "Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning Methods for Classification and Clustering".  International Classification Conference, (ICC), 2011.